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stephen7946 Sep 2, 2013

  1. stephen7946

    stephen7946 New Member

    Hi guys,

    My first post here as im looking into a new car.

    In the past ive have a focus ST 225, now ive had to save for a house with my lovely lady i have a VW GTTDI Golf 130bhp Remapped to 185bhp.

    I have to say i was a little sceptical coming from a 2.5 litre turbo petrol but i love my deisel! hell of alot of grunt for a little car.

    Now thinking of family cards and ones big enough for all our needs ect, im looking at an A4 estate. Im trying to find a good all rounder that can still put a good smile on my face on the drive to work.

    the A4 Quattro TDI 170 estate seems a good bet. Audis usual high quality (had Audi in the past) TDI so not too bad on fuel and remapped i see they go to around 215bhp with a heap of torque thrown in.

    Im just wondering if anyone knows of any issues (im still going through the site looking at every bit of info i can fine :) but also if people say its worth doing? i was shocked at the difference it made to my golf and think the A4 running 215bhp would not even do badly against the likes of a focus ST.

    This way I still have a fun car but my ladys hapy too! also it only adds around £20 to my insurance!

    Any info is welcome and any reports off anyone that has done this to an A4!

    Also as a side note - Quattro....worth it?

    Thanks guys!

  2. Gravelcar

    Gravelcar Member

    Hi Stephen

    Had my 170 Avant remapped for both power and economy so running about 205bhp. The standard car is pretty quick and at first didn't necessarily go "wow", however, what it has transformed is the way the car delivers it's grunt.

    It still has that turbo shove but pulls cleanly through the rev range to the red line. I always run on ultimate and have a K&N filter fitted which help but I would definitely advise you to do it. I payed £250.

    Next it's RS4 ARB and different compound brake pads!

  3. lynallbel

    lynallbel Active Member

    I havent a clue about the engines/models you are looking at as only owned an audi for two weeks, but in researching it the few things i learnt, is avoid the 2 litre diesels and anything with a multitronic gearbox.
    The one wife has bought is 3.0tdi so has enough power, also a quattro as thats the only way to get a proper auto box, plus she can now get to work regardless of the weather and i wont have to tow her up our hill come the snow!

  4. Cyrix

    Cyrix Member

    My MPG average on a standard one is 37mpg. Sometimes see 40 on a run.

    You would be better with the 3.0
  5. matt summers

    matt summers Member

    exactly what gravelcar said, improves the driving experience, its not like changing a turbo but the delivery is more fun

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