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Audi a4 2.0 tdi VERY poor fuel economy (20mpg) and engine starting problems.

audi 88 Jul 26, 2011

  1. audi 88

    audi 88 New Member

    Hi guys,
    Recently bought an 09 audi a4 2.0 tdi 120bhp. Now it seems to have issues starting in the mornings and I think its down on power. I always have to drop it into first when pulling into traffic. The fuel economy is no higher than 26mpg even when trying. Im really worried did i buy a lemon and think I'm about to cry at the thought of what this is going to cost me to repair. Pleas please someone help me.
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  2. consilio

    consilio Up the owls!

    If its 09 then its in warranty right? Just take it to the dealers

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