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Audi A4 1999 1.8 Petrol Spares Or Repair

psmuk Dec 9, 2009

  1. psmuk

    psmuk New Member

    Yellow Audi, recently had a new Back Box and Centre Piece (4 weeks ago) driving home last week, just cut out on me, not a mechanic so dont know whats wrong with the car, and currently have not got the money or knowledge to repair it. So the car is ideal for someone wanting spares or repairing it, please note though this car is a NON runner and will need towing away, 10 Months MOT left, Body work in very good condition, Audi Alloy Wheels, Low Profile Tyres. If someone would like to make an offer please contact me. I am based in Leicester. Please feel free to message me and I will email you a few pictures if you wish as I am having problems uploading pictures to the site.

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