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manan_a Mar 22, 2014

  1. manan_a

    manan_a New Member

    Hi all,

    I have have an audi 1.9tdi 54 plate which goes into limp mode in heavy rain and am a little confused to as what it could be as I seem to be going back to the garage on a regular basis for answers each time, so far I have had the following done:

    1. Accelerator pedal replaced
    2. MAF sensor replaced
    3. Plenum chamber unblocked as it was holding water
    4. Glow plugs changed
    5. Plenum chamber cover to stop any excess water draining into plenum chamber

    I have taken it back to the garage and they now believe it to be a turbo issue i.e to much over boost and the turbo needs replacing? However I am not really convinced as generally only goes into limp mode in the rain and on the motorway. However when I pull over and restart and drive in cruise control I have no issues at all? So how can it be a turbo issue? If it was would I not be having the same problem when driving in cruise control?

    This problem is seriously doing my nut in as the guys at the garage pretty much only go by what the computer says? I assume I've had these errors from the plenum chamber being flooded but since that has been cleared I don't understand what it could be and am losing confidence in any mechanic at the moment as each has a different answer each time!

    I would appreciate if someone has ever solved this issue on their A4 and could possibly point me in the right direction in terms of solving it.

    Many thanks in advance
  2. PAULF

    PAULF Active Member VCDS Map User

  3. My turbo felt like it was overboosting and dumping at 2600 with heavy foot, was ok driven lightly. Turned out to be inlet manifold gasket. Tried everything else, MAF, N75, blanked EGR, had new turbo which was only changed due to seals, but still drove the same. Wouldn't want to be suckered into a new turbo if it's not needed
  4. jbh

    jbh TDi lover

    54 plate will be the b6 model not the b5 but no worries.. is it the 130bhp model?
    I would agree with the above though. get the vnt unit cleaned in the turbo.

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