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audi a4 1.8turbo 1997 loss of power over 3000 rpm

audi.1.8T Jan 7, 2011

  1. audi.1.8T

    audi.1.8T New Member

    hi all new to the forum i hope iam puting this in the right place

    at first car was working fine ..then gradually i noticed the loss of power in 2nd/3rd gear(got audi a4 1.8 t )but as soon as over 3000 revs the power would be there but now i have looked at the car and have noticed that one of my pipes had a split in it it the one connected to the blow off valve and the intercooler pipe? i have replaced with a new pipe and now im getting the power under 3000 revs and less power over 3000 revs ... if anyone has any info or help to what this cause is id be very much gratefull
  2. AudiiduA

    AudiiduA Member

    May be the N75 valve, this controls boost levels, if this goes down i believe it starts using actuator pressure only wich i think is 3psi ish! should be about 9psi so big power loss! put it on vagcom asap to check whats happening...
  3. bdub

    bdub Member

    I had simillar thing on my 1.9 tdi - new MAF cured it - but they are around £100.

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