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Audi A3 Wishbone and bodywork... help please :-(

suthsy Feb 27, 2010

  1. suthsy

    suthsy New Member

    Hello there,

    am new to the audi forums so go easy on me please. i am 23 years old and own a 04 plate audi A3 3.2 s-line. recently lost it in the snow and had light impact damage to the left front. had the car repaired cost me £600, felt like the car was back to normal, however, had the MOT done recently and showed them the repair work, he tells me one of the bolts used to fit the wishbone is too short and if i go over a large pothole it could do more damage :-( had a dispute with the garage that originally fixed the car so cant go back there. sounds like it could be a DIY job just need help in what to do next.

    anyone know what bolts are used to fit the wishbone and where i can buy them?

    are there any audi specialist in my area, (north west london) who could take a look?

    also, does anyone know any audi bodywork specialists?
  2. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    You should really go back to the place & complain they left you car in a dangerous state.

    Do you know which bolt it is? I'd just go into your local Audi dealer and order the bolt you need.

    At the front of the wishbone, the horizontal bolt that goes in from front to rear is N 101 410 03
    The at the rear of the wishbone there is a bush within what looks like an eyeglass, the outer one is N 910 398 01 and the inner one is N 105 797 01
  3. suthsy

    suthsy New Member

    thankyou for your reply, your help is much appreciated. i should complain but to be honest if i go back and speak to them, it would do more harm than good. i was told by another mechanic that it was the really long bolt, dont know which is longer than the other. do you? apologies for the vague description.

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