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Audi A3 windscreen issue

warren_S5 Mar 23, 2009

  1. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User

    I have an issue and for once it's not a personal one ;-)

    It maybe a problem with our local roads and their condition, but last year I paid out for 2 new Audi fitted windscreens inside a 3 month period due to cracks from stones on the same road (which has a 50mph speed limit). To make matters worse Audi's windscreen fitters scratched the roof and trim around the car when they fitted the last one, so had to refit it again and spray repair (the colour match was dealt with by Stevie Wonder paint Ltd.)

    Since fitting the last one in June 08 I now have a collection of nicely irritating pits in the screen from other stones that seem to glance the window on almost every other journey I seem to go out on.

    So my questions are these:

    1) Are Audi windscreens particularly soft?

    2) Does anyone else doing sub 12k miles a year suffer similarly?

    3) Can I polish any of the markings out of the screen where it has scratched rather than dented the screen, and if so, what would you recommend I use?

    Since the winter the roads have been a bloody disgrace - pot holes, loose grit. My car had a new bumper in May as a Land Rover reversed into us in a car park. You would think from the condition of the bumper now I'd have had it on for 5 years+!

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