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Audi A3 that said cheers....

Rabbit222 May 12, 2009

  1. Rabbit222

    Rabbit222 Active Member

    Hey guys,

    A mate of mines A3 2.0T Sportback died on him about 3 weeks back and to date is still at his local Audi dealership. Car still doesn't start and he is pretty much frustrated at the fact that Audi have still not resolved the problem. Below is the mail he sent me and I have pretty much ruled out a few issues that i thought he may have had...what do you guys reckon?

    This is what happened to my car :-(

    Driving along at 130km/h with the cruise control on, the power just suddenly went - like compression in cylinders dropped. Geared down and car continued slowing. At this point I thought it was a jammed DV or a fuel pump issue.

    Pulled over to the side of the road and tried to investigate. Car was now not starting. It swung a little and then switched off.

    Couldn't get it started again, and then the dashboard (instrument cluster) switched off, radio went into safe mode, and window (which was down) refused to go back up.

    Mods to the vehicle which is a Sportback 2.0T 2006 model with BWA spec
    * Forge CAI
    * Forge DV
    * FRC water injection
    * 76mm downpipe and exhaust
    * FRC software

    Issues with the car in the past:
    * Headlight stopped working - faulty wire traced back to dashboard
    * Keys - new keys were ordered and recoded
    * Fuel pump, intake cam and cam follower - replaced after issues
    * DV - problem solved with Forge DV

    * A month before this incident I had an issue with the wipers which refused to work for about 30 minutes, before miraculously fixing themselves.

    All the fuses, relays etc are not blown and check out. Dealership says only thing left to try is another ECU and possibly new control panel. Oh, and VAGCOM says everything is clear with no faults at all....

    I really don't know what the problem is.....help would be appreciated.
  2. FL1X

    FL1X Member

    That is confusing, the only thing i can think of is that the remap has broken itself some how.

    Im no techie with cars but if everything says its fine i would say reflash/replace the ECU if the map has decided it doesnt need fuel then there is no way to fix it without a new ECU.

    Hope it all gets fixed

  3. JohnS3

    JohnS3 Active Member

    I'd take a look at the central electronics unit (in the drivers footwell above the pedals) This controls all the systems in the car, if this is faulty it could lead to the symptoms you describe.
  4. Rabbit222

    Rabbit222 Active Member

    Cheers John, will keep him up to date with all the suggestions you guys recommend.
  5. consilio

    consilio Up the owls!

    deffo sounds like a software/electronics hardware issue to me
  6. JST_A3

    JST_A3 Member

    It's strange that VAG-Com does not report any errors. Might be worth checking that it can actually communicate with all of the modules.

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