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audi a3 tdi

jonnysimm Aug 4, 2011

  1. jonnysimm

    jonnysimm jonnysimm

    Hi everyone i was wondering if any one on here can help me ? i have a 2.0l tdi a3 2004 remapped the turbo makes a whistling noise when i put my foot down. ive been told that it could be a crack in a pipe or a leak somewhere which is causing this does any one have any ideas what this could be? plus im looking at getting another turbo and was wondering if any one knows where they sell dump valves for diesel cars because ive rang a few places and the say they dont have any. im only wanting a dump valve because the mechanic recommed to get one too pro long the turbo because of the remap or should i just get a new turbo and forget about the dump valve.

    Any help will be much appreciated

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