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Audi A3 Tdi Quattro Tomason TN1 ET35 question!

pinterovski Apr 9, 2011

  1. pinterovski

    pinterovski Member

    Hi Guys!
    First of all,this forum is very very great and people are really good to help to each other,
    Here in Slovenia we dont have nothing to even compare with your Tuned cars ;)
    Can you help me with something?!
    I got 2005 A3 8P 2.0 TDI Quattro and i'm running 19" Tomason TN1 Rims ET 35 with 235/35/19 Tyres,
    i also install the H&R Sport Cup Kit and it lowered it down for 35mm.
    The best thing is i got NO RUBBING AT ALL,but the car is stiff very very stiff,
    it handles awesome but it is a very buncy ride!!!
    Now i'm geetin myself S3 2008 Solar Orange with 20k miles on it for 20.000 Euro's and i'm wondering if i would be able
    to install Spot Cup kit from A3 to S3?
    Or i just install some H&R springs and put 19" ET35 on the car?
    What should i espect?

    Thany guys and sorry for my english!

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