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Audi A3 TDi 8P Coilovers

lanky Jun 17, 2011

  1. lanky

    lanky Member

    Im looking at buying a set of coilovers for my A3 TDI 8P. Im not looking to spend more than £650 really as the car is never going to go on track so they dont need to be the best. Ive currently got S Line suspension which handles really well so I am looking for some coilovers that will go quite low, still be pretty comfortable (I know they will be harder than the S Line suspension but dont want back breaking coilovers) and handle as good or better than the S Line suspension.

    Ive heard that quite afew people use the JOM's and AP Coilovers so what are peoples thoughts on these and what other coilover kits would you suggest?
  2. MOOSH

    MOOSH Member

    V maxx FTW mate and N8 off of here does a good deal on them as does dpm in the sponsor section.

    I have heard JOM are also good...

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