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Audi a3 tdi 170 DPF issues

k9audi Sep 23, 2011

  1. k9audi

    k9audi NITRO

    I've heard alot of bad things about the DPF getting clogged up and causing the car to go in limp mode. If anyone has had the DPF removed have they noticed smoke when accelerating and does it feel any different in terms of power/mpg?
  2. Rob-Quattro

    Rob-Quattro Member

    I haven't had my dpf removed but this will be illegal and won't pass an MOT from January. The only reason for your dpf to get clogged up would be doing short slow town driving. If you go on motorways and do hard driving you won't have a problem. Basically the dpf has to get hot enough to burn off all the cr*p. If your car doesn't burn it off its self it will do a regeneration which will burn it off by heating itself up and burning it off.
  3. N8

    N8 Kowalski Details VCDS Map User

    You can get it removed, but you need to do it in an OEM way. If you need more info, please contact me. This works well with a remap
  4. Vertigo1

    Vertigo1 Well-Known Member

    Had no end of problems with the DPF on my old PD170. I do a lot of urban driving at times which means it's forced to do a 'manual' regeneration phase now and then and, when it did, I got everything from harsh noise to stuttering acceleration. Had a few software updates during the four years I had it which sometimes made it better, sometimes worse. It often gave up altogether and gave me a particulate filter warning on the DIS and I had to go for a blat down the motorway to clear it.

    My current CR170 is much better. You know when it's doing a regeneration as it idles at 1000rpm rather than 800 but, aside from that, it's not noticable and I've not had any warnings.

    I think the DPF tech was very very new when the PD170 came out and they've sorted it a lot since then.
  5. jrsteeve

    jrsteeve Member

    Wrong. The new MOT rules aren't touching DPFs and remaps as expected, July 2008+ cars will have to pass a smoke test though but removing the DPF shouldn't actually make a massive difference.

    Had mine removed 2 weeks ago and remapped, it's definitely quicker, maybe a little harsh at times and i'm certainly using the flappy paddles more than I used to. At least I know it can't fail again and should give me many miles of trouble free, smile on my face motoring!

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