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Audi A3 T Sport 5 doors

naquiss Jun 5, 2012

  1. naquiss

    naquiss Member

    RARE spec + NEW Entire Front and rear SUSPENSION (incl. shock abs, coil springs, top mounts, control arms, bump stops, rear axle bushes) Bilstein/Eibach/Lemforder + NEW ARB bushes at 93k,  NEW Tyres - This car has been my pride and joy and lovingly cared for the last 5 years. It drives like a new car (not even 10k miles on new suspension). The engine feels like its half the age since it accelerates and cruises beautifully and still maintains its listed MPG economy - Pearlescent Ming Blue, Petrol, Manual, Traction control, ABS, All electric windows/mirrors, Cruise Control, DIS, XENON head lamps, head lamp washers, HEATED seats, BOSE stereo, SUNROOF, Audi SYMPHONY stereo head unit (CD and cassette player), light pack (incl reading, door and sunshade lights), AERO wipers, under seat storage, full size spare wheel, boot protector, boot luggage hooks. Full Audi SERVICE history to 87k miles. Self service at 91k (lovingly and to Audi schedule). VAG Specialist service history from 96k miles. Also:  NEW Cam belt at 88k miles, NEW front and rear brake pads and discs at 88k, NEW oil pump/pickup, CLEANED oil sump, NEW fuel filter, NEW Diverter valve. Common faults FIXED (these are weak points, known to fail, costly and time consuming to repair): NEW reinforced clutch pedal, NEW temperature sender, NEW dipstick tube, NEW entire PCV system. Paint on the left side of the car is a little speckled/tarnished just below the windows, but fixable (see pic). Tax to Oct 2012.

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