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Audi A3 Show Car

jasonallen Jul 11, 2013

  1. jasonallen

    jasonallen Member

    After almost two years of owning my Audi A3 it is now time to depart with it and make room for a new project.

    2011 Audi A3 1.6TDi (103BHP) DSG remapped by MoTech Performance to 130BHP
    Fully custom respray by Reflex Auto Design
    Just under 30,000 miles on the clock
    I'm the only owner of the car from new & always been well looked after.
    I'll put another years tax on her too!



    Recaro CS's retrimmed in pink leather accompanied with charcoal alcantara backs!

    Audi TTRS steering trimmed in alcantara

    Dakota digital gauge mounted into vent to give out air bag pressure readings!

    Audison Thesis sub that has been placed in the passengers footwell!

    Audison Voce front speakers

    Audison AV Quattro amp

    Bit one processor!

    iPad 4 integrated into the dash board!

    Every panel in the interior of this car has been retrimmed in either pink leather or charcoal grey alacantara (All courtesy of Plush Automotive)


    First thing is first the car is on air suspension. This consists of Airlift super slam front struts and rear bag combo accompanied by Accuair E-Level management.

    Now onto the body...

    In March the car had a full respray in a fully custom colour (LIKE NO OTHER). Whilst the car was in for a respray at Reflex Auto Design i applied a full S3 kit on it & also smoothed off the aerial from on top of the roof.

    I've also had the front & rear arches widened to fit wider wheels!

    Recently just put a Audi RS3 grill on!

    The number plate recess on the tailgate of the car has also been shortened!

    The number plate will also be included in the sale (D2 OPE)

    As far as the price goes I'm looking for £19,500 as it stands or £17,999 on a set of standard Audi wheels.

    The car is based in Watford, Hertfordshire.

    My contact number is 07808 524503.

    Thanks for looking guys!
  2. Ironborn

    Ironborn English...not so good

    Wow nice! any build thread for this
  3. jasonallen

    jasonallen Member

    Nah dude no build threads!

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