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Audi A3 - S3 Conversion

fabzy1 Feb 17, 2014

  1. fabzy1

    fabzy1 New Member

    Hi people, I am looking to make some changes to my body kit and lights. I have been looking online on where I can purchase an s3 body kit and the halo type headlights lights for my 5dr a3 but cant find much. I then came across this website and its forums and found a lot of interesting info/threads. Anyone out there done a body kit change on a 5dr sportback, could you help me source the parts?

    My car looks like this Used Audi A3 1.6 Technik Sportback 5 Dr Hatch Petrol at cargiant KN60V.

    Any help or info is appreciated
  2. Zorty

    Zorty Member

    Hi Fabzy1,

    list the parts what you require in the wanted section or on here or a discription to what you wanting to change to (Black Edition TDI, or S3 etc)

    we can take it from there.. :)

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