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Audi a3 s3 8l sport Genuine brand new dashboard

Discussion in 'Classifieds Discussion Area' started by AGU-TURBO, Apr 20, 2013.


    AGU-TURBO Audi a3 1.8t AGU

    Apr 29, 2010
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    [Apr 20, 2013]
    Here I have a one off opportunity to replace you're old scratched dull dashboard with a brand new one. I purchased this 4 years ago but never got round to fitting it, It has been sat under the bed wrapped in bubble wrap since the day I bought it home. I no longer own my car anymore so its time to let it go, I haven't a clue what its worth so I'm just going to let it go on auction, unless one of you guys would like to make me a offer. Many thanks Simon
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