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Audi A3 - Ibis white - full major correction - 30% done so far

wxc Mar 12, 2014

  1. wxc

    wxc Member

    Thought it would be nice to share some photos of my current detailing process

    Car was first Rinsed, Shampoo'd, treated with Iron and brake dust remover, Rinsed, Clay bar'd all the crevices, Rinsed, Blow dried with Metro air force blaster (very important to get all the water out of the trims to aid polishing step); the key is to prep the surface as well as you can for the polishing stage. Once dried, 3M masking tape'd. Treated with multistage polishing. Pre-wax treated and sealed with 2 layers synthetic sealant.

    Iron-x doing what it does best.. even though the car looked clean, it wasn't. Embedded brake dust was also easily removed, clay bar afterwards removed the rest of surface contaminants.

    View attachment 29274 View attachment 29275

    It's quite difficult to catch the light to show the swirl marks, you can just about make it out in the photo.

    View attachment 29272 View attachment 29273

    Polishing in acting..

    View attachment 29271

    Overall, very happy with the results, also forgot to mention to always check the paint thickness level before and after ensuring your not going through all the way into the clear coat!

    View attachment 29270 View attachment 29269 View attachment 29268

    Will post more photos once this is all done :)

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  2. keendean

    keendean Member

    Looks like the detail my Ibis white S3 needs :)
  3. IbisJake

    IbisJake Member

    Looks great! Im still needing practice with my DA to fully pull out the swirl marks on my Ibis, gave it a shot last weekend but still slightly visible.
  4. wxc

    wxc Member

    As promised, here are the some more photos - it took a lot longer than expected but the hard work has paid off I reckon!

    Please enjoy the photos as I have for the past few days :)

    View attachment 29499

    A nice layer of synthetic sealant to seal the body
    View attachment 29490

    No more swirls!

    View attachment 29492
    View attachment 29493
    View attachment 29494

    View attachment 29495
    View attachment 29496
    View attachment 29497
    View attachment 29500
    View attachment 29498

    Missed cleaning the side skirt in the Alloy Wheel shot but I really couldn't be bothered at this point!
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