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Audi a3 hids fitting help

Neil1991audia3 Dec 25, 2013

  1. Neil1991audia3

    Neil1991audia3 New Member

    Hello guys don't no if anyone can help me but I have got some hids for my audi a3 8p3 I also got the wiring harness to get around the wiper motor issue the hids are can- bus on them but when I wiring them all on the hids light up but it still kicks up light warning for the right and left head light bulbs but if I take out the wiring harness and plug them all in there no warning lights coming up if I change the resistors in the wiring harness for bigger one could that work as iv only got 2x 15w 5.5onhs per headlight if anyone could help that be great thank you
  2. a6_chris

    a6_chris Well-Known Member

    One big sentence!

    Get rid of them and either fit OEM Xenons or Osram Nightbreakers or Philips Xtreme Vision both of which are legal and won't dazzle oncoming drivers.
  3. blazedani

    blazedani Guest

    Hi Neil,

    Be careful with the HID kits.
    They will probably blow away your wiper motor.

    The wiring harness do not solve anything since the interferences the high voltage cables produce are spread by air & not by cable.
    Resistors get really really hot, is better to avoid them.

    There is a company selling a special HID for Audi A3 & it's been the only one confirmed to work.
    · No resistors
    · No wiring harness

    This might be interesting for your case:
  4. Jam3sx

    Jam3sx New Member

    Hi im new to this forum and to cars in general, I have an A3 2.0 TDI s (2005-2006) i currently have philips 4000k bulbs in it and just recived an HID kit from Ebay, it says they have tested it for two years and nothing has gone wrong but i have heard that it can blow your wiper motor?
    I have a few photos, if there is any way to tell if the HID kit is compatible for the car any info is much appreciated. Thanks alot!

  5. blazedani

    blazedani Guest

    Yes, there is a way to tell if it's compatible.

    High Voltage cables = Not compatible
    Not High Voltage cables = Compatible.

    Yours has High Voltage cables so probability of getting the wiper motor issue is pretty high. About 80%
    It depends on your wiper motor. Some are more sensitive than others. (maybe different suppliers)

    This is the wiper motor model from BOSCH that use to fail.
    If you have the same wiper motor is pretty risky to install that HID kit.

    - BOSCH Ref: 0 390 241 7XX
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