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Audi a3 hazards light problem!

ticketyboo90 Mar 24, 2014

  1. ticketyboo90

    ticketyboo90 Member

    Hi all I own a 1.6 a3... 1.6... I know :( it is a 52 plate and I have been experiencing some real problems with the hazard lights.

    I'll be driving for anything from 30seconds to 10 minutes and the hazard lights start flashing for no reason what so ever. I'll then press the hazard button and it turns off, but about about 10seconds later they start again and again and the only way to stop it at the moment is to pull fuse 39 out (hazard light fuse). Sometimes it does it when the car is parked and I have woken up 1 or 2 mornings to a flat battery.

    The pin on the battery that you connect the positive to was worn away and the clamp was loose because the pin was that worn down. (Sometimes when I went over a speed bump I lost electric for a split second because of the loose wire! I really thought changing the battery would be the problem, so I did and it hasn't grrrrrr!

    The alarm siren has been disconnected because the alarm also used to go off by it self for no reason. The little alarm lights stay solid for 30 seconds then flash as they should! The alarm goes off the hazards go quite fast but these hazards that go off the flash appears to be slower as if it was me just pressing the hazard switch. The hazard relay was changed 2 years ago due to the indicators playing up which solved the problem.

    But will that of gone again only being 2 years old? Can anyone help me with this gremlin!?

    I do have a dab radio and have earthed on the pillar of the windshield but I don't think that's the problem as that's been in since Christmas Day and it's only been doing it the past week! I looked in the boot on the passenger side and one little bit of foam seemed wet but cudnt see water anywhere else down there. I took the central locking pump apart and it looked dry inside, it also can't be the rear washer hose because that is fed through the drivers side! Help me!!!! Many thanks
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  2. epox

    epox Active Member

    Try a new switch? Got aftermarket on from flebay for £14 and work a treat. Bit of a pain to get out as I was trying to be to gentle with it.

    Could be wrong but i am sure there is a joint for the rear washer behind the sub woofer on the passenger side, i know the pipe enters the cabin on the passenger side at the front.


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  3. rupe

    rupe A3 TQS In Devon

    Their is indeed, I repaired mine the other week.

  4. A3Chris

    A3Chris New Member

    I had a the problem back at the beginning of Jan this year, the hazards would flash for no reason when the car was stationary or when i was driving. The first i knew about it was when the next door neighbour knocked on the door and told me the hazards were flashing on my car.

    After running a diagnostic over the car, I came up with the fault code 01366 - Opened due to crash signal. After checking the Ross Tech Wiki, it mentions clearing the fault codes and checking the Wiring/Connectors from/to Airbag Control Module (J234). I had a little play and after clearing the fault code it would come back again. My initial thoughts were the Airbag Control Module went u/s.

    I got the car down to a local Audi/VW speciallist, who confirmed my thoughts. Had a new Airbag Control Module fitted and the problem went away. I was advised to get a new Airbag Control Module rather than a 2nd hand one as they need to be coded to the car, and 2and hand ones are prone to going u/s. The unit isn't cheap, my bill to supply and fit was approx £560, I think if memory serves, the part was around £450 alone. The unit was fitted in about 2 to 2 1/2 hours, so not a long job.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I hope this helps, and is not the case for you.


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