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Audi A3 Genuine 17" Alloys with Tyres

BradHatton Jun 17, 2013

  1. BradHatton

    BradHatton Member

    I have for sale a set of genuine Audi 17's, off my A3. Only for sale as I have upgraded to 18" S Line alloys.

    They're not in amazing condition, but certainly not in bad condition. I would recommend a refurb to have them looking perfect.

    They come with 4 tyres, unsure of brands.
    Fairly good tread, although the inside edge of the two rears has worn from camber, due to my car being lowered.

    As I'm having trouble uploading pictures, here is the eBay link:

    The price is £200 cash upon collection.

    17 x 7.5 et56

    Grab a bargain on some great daily/winter wheels :)

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