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Audi A3 Gear problem! Please Help!

m_ozzy_h Feb 16, 2009

  1. m_ozzy_h

    m_ozzy_h New Member

    hi guys....

    i have an audi a3 1.9TDi 130.... i was driving home and i notice something isnt right with the gearstick. wasnt feeling how it shud.. then i shift into second to take a turn....and nothing.....then i tried first gear....nothing... it feels like nothing is there.... third gear, 4th, 5th and reverse all go in fine...and you can feel it go into gear. i have been told it could just be a linkage problem for gear one and two.... however i am worried it could be a gearbox issue which is worrying me!

    Can anyone shed some light on this.....


  2. Toshney007

    Toshney007 New Member

    Hi there

    I had a similar experience recently and I don’t think you will like the sound of this:
    The gearbox on my S3 was crunching occasionally going into third, I didn’t think a great deal of it, then driving home from work I dropped the car into third to overtake and when changing back, had lost all other gears. From that I had to drive home in third; luckily the car had the torque to pull away!!
    I had the car taken to Audi thinking no one would buy it off me in the future if I scrimped on a cheap garage.
    They took out the selector and said it wasn’t that. Next they said it would cost £1700 to take the gearbox out, strip it and repair it (if it was repairable) or £2500 to replace. If it couldn’t have been fixed after stripping and a new one was fitted, I reckon that the cost would have been well beyond 3k.
    I chose to get them to replace it as I didn’t fancy the cost of stripping and a new gearbox, and I thought it would look better for resale and peace of mind; still gutted that it cost so bloody much.... and the fact that my rubber buttons have failed on the boot again after already spending £250, 2 years ago getting them fixed.
    I hope this helps

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