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Audi a3 fan!

ticketyboo90 Nov 5, 2013

  1. ticketyboo90

    ticketyboo90 Member

    Hi all, I bought a second hand fan on ebay, same part number, for my audi. The one I have when it kicks in it started making a horrible screech and if you tap it with something the screech stops! However when I'm at traffic lights going through town centers etc it's a bit embarrassing getting out and tapping it to stop the awful noise! So I bought one anyway, the fan I have if I turn it with my hand it spins and spins quietly! The fan I have bought feels quite stiff and If I turn try to spin the fan it stops soon as I take my hand off it, the old fan moves freely and quietly when I push it the new a little stiff and it makes a little whine noise! It is just a single big fan there is no little fan next to it! It has 3 wires. A brown. A red and white stripe. And another striped one (can't remember colours think it's black and red) Which wires can I wire this to my 12v battery to see if it works before I send it back to the seller! I'm already thrown at the fact it doesn't move as freely as the one I have in! Many thanks, daniel

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