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audi a3 egr valve and egr cooler delete

zaidar61s Jul 15, 2012

  1. zaidar61s

    zaidar61s New Member

    hi people

    new to this forum and just baught myself a audi a3 8p sport 2.0 bkd diesel.

    now when i purchased it a day later the coolant light come on, and i noticed coolant leaking from under the car. after jacking up the car i identified it to be the egr cooler. so removed the egr cooler to notice a pin size hole in cooler,tried chemical metal which worked for about a week before it popped off again.

    anyway i purchased a replacement egr cooler off ebay but this one seems to have an internal leak, ie coolant is being passed through exhaust.

    now im quite fed up and want to do the egr delete option, how does this work? do i remove the egr cooler aswell or do i leave it there but just block off the inlet on the cooler and exhaust.

    if theres a guide about it would be really helpful.


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