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Audi A3 Black Edition drivers sidelight stopped working then ok now not working again

connrad Aug 12, 2013

  1. connrad

    connrad New Member

    Hi All,

    Bit of a strange one and not easy to get to on the drivers side.

    Months ago side light showed not working on dashboard and looking at light was not lit. Had car in to Audi as was a few weeks out of warranty and they checked and said definitely led light needs replacing £730 to do, I asked to leave and will look into doing myself at a later date.
    A few weeks later after using daily on start up and switching lights on there was no fault displayed on dash and light was working again? Thought must of been a loose connection though was told it had been tested. Anyway LED sidelight / drl on drivers side has stopped working again and I wondered if anyone had heard or come across anything like this before. £730 for something that might not fix and all that thought was worth asking. Thanks in advance if anyone can help

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