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Audi A3 alarm/hazzards fault - help needed please!

Becks A3 Apr 13, 2011

  1. Becks A3

    Becks A3 New Member

    Hi There,
    I have recently got an Audi A3 tdi sport 02.
    Took it through a car wash and the passenger footwell filled up with water - since then i have had some issues! There was a good couple of inchs of water which seeped through the bottom - looks like it came in from behind the glove box - towel dryed it throughly and its hasnt happened since (although i havent taken it through another car wash)!.
    My alarm just goes off (wether i lock it or not) after a while just the hazard lights flash... this keeps happening - to the point now where on several occasions i have woken up to hazard lights and a flat battery. I have jumped it a few times but really want to fix it. There is a switch on the inside of the drivers door by the seat belt, where i think you could turn the alarm off, however the button is missing! Is there any way i can turn the alarm off completely? Or is this not the fault!? Any help would be highly appreicated.. i dont think i can afford to take it to Audi.. eek!
    Thanks in advance guys !
    Becky ​
  2. audi-tk

    audi-tk Member

    ccould be coming through that filter thtson the pasenger side of car under windscreen
  3. Robbo1144

    Robbo1144 Faster in reverse

    is it an aftermarket alarm? i had some problems with my clifford after i left the car in scotland over the winter and the baterry died, then causing the memory storage batteries in the alarm to die. the alarm would stop flashing when i conected a fresh battery and the immobiliser was constantly on, had to remove the both of them.

  4. wibble111

    wibble111 needs to scratch the itch

    The water in the footwell could be the pollen filter/cover which is part of the passenger side scuttle panel, i'd check these first. Have you got access to vag com as this will tell you where the alarms have been triggered from so you can narrow the search down to something such as a door switch. As for the button on the drivers door all it does is turn off the interior alarm monitor so you can activate the alarm and leave the windows open or a dog inside the car and the alarm wont go off.

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