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Audi A3 alarm/hazzards fault - help needed please!

Becks A3 Apr 13, 2011

  1. Becks A3

    Becks A3 New Member

    Hi There,
    I have recently got an Audi A3 tdi sport 02.
    Took it through a car wash and the passenger footwell filled up with water - since then i have had some issues! There was a good couple of inchs of water which seeped through the bottom - looks like it came in from behind the glove box - towel dryed it throughly and its hasnt happened since (although i havent taken it through another car wash)!.
    My alarm just goes off (wether i lock it or not) after a while just the hazard lights flash... this keeps happening - to the point now where on several occasions i have woken up to hazard lights and a flat battery. I have jumped it a few times but really want to fix it. There is a switch on the inside of the drivers door by the seat belt, where i think you could turn the alarm off, however the button is missing! Is there any way i can turn the alarm off completely? Or is this not the fault!? Any help would be highly appreicated.. i dont think i can afford to take it to Audi.. eek!
    Thanks in advance guys !
  2. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    Did you say your car was an 02 plate ?

    If so Becky you need to post in the 8L section of the forum not this 8P section !

    Sounds as though you have a few problems if you got 2 inches of water in the footwell !

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