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Audi A3 Air Duct Sensor Location & VCDS G89 Sensor reading -50 degrees

tbcuprat Jan 19, 2012

  1. tbcuprat

    tbcuprat Member

    Hi Sorry for the x-post which I had posted in A3 specific section but think it may be better suited for air conditioning.

    Here is my original post.

    I took the car to my regular mechanic today who is very good with VAG cars in an attempt to replace one of the G89 sensors (3D0 907 543 A)

    I took along my laptop loaded with etka so we could try identify the possible locations that the sensor.
    A few hours has been spent and we are now none the wiser to it's location.

    We fear that it's a dash out job as we need to access the aircon connection box. (1K2 820 353)

    Is there anyone that can help as I fear that I might have to take this to main dealer and pay mucho bucks to rectify a £20 sensor.

    It's deffinelty not the G89 sensors in the outer vents as we disconnected these and checked with VCDS and still the elusive sensor read -50 degrees.

    We found this dodgy sensor after recharging the aircon to eliminate the permanant econ light issue.

    Here's hoping someone knows where it is.


  2. Mr.Vagcom

    Mr.Vagcom New Member

    I have the same issue wandering if anyone has any input ?
  3. tbcuprat

    tbcuprat Member

    Check the other thread. It did come to a conclusion.

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