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Audi a3 advice

evzee Nov 18, 2011

  1. evzee

    evzee Member

    Hello all, ive been registered for about a year now, since ive had my a4 2.4. Ive read through the stickies and days spent reading posts. Ive got £2k and i want a a3 t sport. Love an s3 but it aint happening on this money. Im still none the wiser on what years give what engines.there seems to be alot of overlapping. Ayr's, abc's, agu...tf's.... Arrrgh! Should i know? Do i need to know? 180hp versions and 150hp? How do i tell when i goto view some. My money would seem likely to fetch me a 51 or 52 plate. My long term plan is to get an a3 upto s3 territory, spread out over a couple of year mind. Anything to look out for? Should i worry about mileage if the service history is there? Id appreciate any advice cheers.
  2. niallh

    niallh Member VCDS Map User

    I believe that the 180bhp only came with a quattro drivetrain and the 150 was front wheel drive if that helps
  3. Jay A3

    Jay A3 #because Racecar Team Daytona Audi A3 Manual

    That is true in the 8L range there is the 150bhp which is fwd and the 180bhp which is 4wd models. if you want to get it to cosmetically look close to an s3 i.e. headlights and rear lights... try getting a facelift version... Good luck
  4. evzee

    evzee Member

    Briiliant, cheers chaps. At least i'll know what im buying. Heres another can of worms, how does that change the remapping for me in the future? Aside from swapping out the turbo. Will a 150bhp goto 180bhp? A 180bhp goto 210bhp?.....
  5. pangsterA3

    pangsterA3 Member

    can't speak for anyone else- but I was in a similar position recently and know how confusing the options/variations can be.. prices also vary considerably as well!! so it's worth doing your research and be willing to travel... i was originally only interested in getting a 1.8T QS - but changed my mind when I had driven both and realised there wasn't that much performance difference between the two (the extra power in the QS is negated quite a bit with the extra weight).

    after a bit of reading on here and scanning AutoTrader and Pistonheads etc I managed to pick up the exact car I was after (facelift 2002 8L Audi A3 1.8T Sport with AUM engine and KO3S turbo, full Audi service history and nice options i.e. full heated leather interior, climate control etc)

    there's plenty about - but for what you've said you're looking for then I'd suggest a similar car to mine - 1.8T AUM with the KO3S turbo as it seems to respond better to tuning/mapping than the KO3 turbo.. mine standard is 150 bhp - but mapping and mild tuning should see around 200-220 bhp whereas the KO3 won't break the 200 bhp barrier from what I've read. I should probably also mention that it doesn't really 'feel' like 150 bhp in everyday driving - the mid range is pretty decent on it and it has a decent turn of pace when overtaking etc - I've had plenty experience with faster and more powerful cars, but for everyday driving and my current needs this is perfect. I can only imagine that mapping strengthens these characteristics as well as improving the 0-60 time.

    good luck with the search! :)
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2011
  6. slowcoach3

    slowcoach3 Active Member

    Check your messages.....

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