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audi a3...ABS light on...???

E4 FENN Jun 30, 2010

  1. E4 FENN

    E4 FENN mr fenn

    hey guys quick one for you,my abs light has been coming on then going of after afew mins...but now its on all the time,plus today in 1st gear just setting off,go to slow down and the abs is grabbing the disc,getting the pedel judder..at 5mph?? guessing my fluid is low?have a leak...or new to replace pads...altho they look fine and did work fine..any help please...thanking you...=)
  2. spliffey

    spliffey Member

    mine was doing this and then after a bit it stopped turned out to be an abs sensor, hope this helps just plug in the vag com to see which sesor it is as each wheel has one.
  3. Mr.Blonde

    Mr.Blonde Member

    yeah defo one of the sensors had same problem,get one fron audi not the cheap ones on ebay etc mate

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