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Audi A3 8P2 VCDS Coding

zippyijk Jun 14, 2012

  1. zippyijk

    zippyijk Member

    Well hello hello :) Eventually got a RT VCDS cable (from Nigel) so I've been messing about with some changes already.

    I'm not sure how to (or if I can) post attachments so here's a link to an .xls (Audi A3_VCDS Menus.xls 7.31MB) that I made earlier.
    Basically its just to keep track of my settings but its screen grabs of all the modules on my car and all of their adaption/coding/codingII sections.
    Might be helpful to someone else if trying to find that specific byte/bit.

    (MODS if its not OK to post a link please delete I won't be offended ;) )

    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17485710/Audi A3_VCDS Menus.xls

    So I've had a few changes made in the past which you'll probably notice from the excel file attached.
    There's a few I'd be interested in doing but not sure exactly how or if they're possible.

    First thing is that I have heated seats in front/rear installed from factory but in
    09-Cent. Elect
    Byte 2 - Bit 7 (Seat Heating Installed)
    This is not ticked?? Now my heated seats work perfectly but just wondering why its not ticked?

    Next is TPMS
    I know there are 2 types of TPMS, one with the sensors at each wheel and one that is ABS based.
    I know that it can be controlled from the DIS or from a button...like my Octy vRS had.
    I also know on my Yeti that even without the button it can be enabled without the button/DIS and reset from VCDS.
    It takes approx 1 hr of driving to set its new values......details can be found on briskoda.
    The disadvantage of that is the fact you need VCDS to reset it every time you get a flat/puncture but I'd not be worried about that.
    So is it possible to enable TPMS on an 05 plate A3 8P2 Sportback?
    If I -16384 from coding in my ABS module, that should change to "with TPMS"

    Then in CAN Gateway in Coding if I enable Byte 01 bit 7 (65-Tyre Pressure Monitoring) that would show up TPMS module, but that doesn't sound right, that sounds like the other system that needs a module for the sensors on the wheels?

    I can't see anything in my Instruments module but I didn't search each channel in adaption yet.

    TPMS can then be reset from Adaptation menu on ABS module.
    I then drive until TPMS light deactivates, like on Yeti?
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2012
  2. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Ignore the seat heating box, its not related & tpms on that year is possible if abs supports, try coding & see if accepts, then try to check for readings changing in MB's 7 dont enable tpms in gateway as its also not related to the abs version.

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