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Audi a3 8l 1.8 petrol 1996 immobiliser/instrument cluster problem

malglynn Feb 20, 2013

  1. malglynn

    malglynn New Member

    hi and thanks for looking at my post, just a quick question. i have recently purchased a p reg audi a3 8l 1.8 petrol which has been kept in my family for the last 5 years being bought originally second hand by a cousin of mine then sold to me. when he first bought it he had a problem with the instruments being faulty and not showing any info like speedo or fuel so he bought a second hand set of clocks took them to our local audi garage to be coded and they tried but said they wouldnt hold the info so he took them home and decided to try to fit them and they have worked fine ever since. now recently the car has been stood for a few months and the battery went flat so the batt was changed and everything seemed ok until the car got to the mot station where the imobiliser kicked in failed to let the car start so it had to be towed home. i have had a obd scanner on it and the fault codes are indicating a low signal from transponder / faulty coil reader. when i entered my immo2 code in the clocks the car starts and drives but the mileage is going up crazy fast , i done a quick 6 mile test and it went up like 2000 miles on the odometer the actual speedo is working fine. is that normal because of me bypassing the imobiliser or would it be the clocks faulty ? i am trying to diagnose if it is the clocks faulty or if it is the coil reader on the ignition barrel. i know these are common faults and have made sure the coil reader wires are going to the dash properly, resoldered the ends going into the clocks and have made sure they are fine but still i get a flashing immobiliser light.
    thanks again peeps and any help is appreciated.

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