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audi a3 3.2 air mass meter faults

kaloyan Jul 16, 2011

  1. kaloyan

    kaloyan New Member

    Hi there! i have problem whit my a3 3.2!the car just died for the first time one mounts ago and it shows it is a air flow meter no other faults!when it is die it does not want to keep the revs any more !after cleaning the faults car is perfect until next time 5 times so far!i replace the air flow meter but nothing has change cos the fault coming again after time !i been to audi and they set first step will be to clean earth points and they charge me for doing that £228 after 3 days car died again!i left the car again to audi and they set step 2 will be to change throttle body seal and injector seal on total cost off £700 and again not shore is something going to change!i asked them what the next step will be if this is not going to work and they did not give me any answer !If any body had the same problem pleas reply and sorry for my poor english!thanks Kaloyan!

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