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Audi a3 2005 3 door , Auto boot open ? springs uprated struts ? hows it done ?

Dom29 Mar 9, 2013

  1. Dom29

    Dom29 Member

    hey all , i thought seen as the hard part was standard on the a3 (where the boot acctually opens on the key)

    I thought itd be cool if it would open all the way to the top but i wondered if anybody had tried this ? i had a look on google and they were more interested in making it come back down and such as but im not bothered about that its just the fact of if the boot opened i could pop the stuff inside and close it myself

    I saw one where a guy had added some springs to the bottom of his standard struts ? is that the way to go if so where do i find the correct springs ?

    Also if i buy some stronger struts i dont want it to be really difficult to pull the boot down

  2. reepers

    reepers Member


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