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audi a3 2005 2.0 Tdi S LINE dsg coolant problem.

a3james Feb 15, 2012

  1. a3james

    a3james Member

    hi there
    new to the forum just needed some advise on my car before i pay aload of money to get it fixed.
    basically not long brought it the collant warning light came on so i topped it up to the upper level and it keeps reocurring. i got the car on the friends ramp and there was no sign of a leak the coolant looked like it had somesort of copper grease which has been found out to be k seal.
    ive been told that it was the head gasket but theres no sign of it as the coolant is circulating as it should.
    is there any common faults it did look a little wet around the edge of the head on the outside but not enought to be loosing half a litre every 20 minutes i drive it.
    a few people have been talking about porus heads its became to a point now that its getting really annoying and i am using about 2 litres a day it has got white smoke coming out the exhaust even when it is hot. there is some creamy looking stuff on the coolant filler tank cap. but the oil cap and oil level is not dropping atall.

    the performance seems ok but it it very hard to start in the morning is this because the coolant is seeping through into the cylinder if it is the case of a porus head or head gasket ? it just turns over a tiny bit and stops. a few times later it will start.

    any suggestions anyone ?
    many thanks

    can anyone help
    Thanks ​

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