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Audi A3 2004 Clutch pedal play.

sprint3 Jul 21, 2010

  1. sprint3

    sprint3 New Member


    i have a Audi A3 2.0fsi (2004), the clutch works fine etc... However, when you put your foot over the clutch pedal, when you press down on the clutch, you get a little play on the pedal before you actually feel the clutch working.

    its approx 2-3 inches,as if the pedal is loose then after pressing it down after the 2-3 inches, you then have the clutch working.

    Theres certainly a problem there as i was driving the other day and the clutch started working as normal and didnt have any play in it what so ever for about 10mins of driving. After that it came back again.

    Any help would be great. Is any of your a3s the same?

    Thanks in advance

    Any ideas?
  2. With my clutch if i put it down a few cm you can feel it spinning

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