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Audi A3 2003 - Power steering doesn't work on cold start

Xerphiel Jul 31, 2012

  1. Xerphiel

    Xerphiel New Member

    Hi All,

    Power steering doesn't work on a cold start (get the beeping and power steering light on dash), after driving around for a few minutes and restarting the engine the power steering returns and works perfectly(no failures once its actually working).

    I took the car to a garage today, they got the error codes and suggested that the entire steering rack would need to be replaced. I think it was a steering controller, or unit of some sort which has failed, but can't remember exactly (sorry). They quoted approx 1500 to do the job, and also commented that my radiator is close to needing to be replaced (it does leak slowly).

    Aside from the above the car is in good condition, i've only had it for a year, but now not sure what to do with it. Thinking of trying another garage or two, but not massively confident. I am considering cutting my losses and selling the car for whatever I can get.

    Any thoughts or suggested greatly appreciated.


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