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audi a3 2.0 tdi 2004 engine wont start!!!!

jonboy04 Aug 2, 2010

  1. jonboy04

    jonboy04 New Member

    Hi... last week the turbo broke, all the oil ended up being sucked up into the engine causing a hydrolic lock... the fuel injectors were removed to release the oil and the turbo has been replaced and all pipes flushed through etc and the injectors put back in. the engine now turns over ok but will not start ? any ideas??
  2. Well two sensors that the ecu uses are located on the inlet cam and crankshaft
    If you hydrauliced the car then perhaps the timing is that far out on your car that its in limp home mode which can be very hard and long to start.
    But if its out its because of any combination of the below
    1. jumped timing belt
    2. Bent conrods
    3 damaged crank or cam.
    4. A compression test on all four cylinders via the glow plug sockets should give an indication if the conrods are bent.
    Hyraulicing the engine can be quite a major thing to put right

    You could check the belt hasnt jumped by getting somebody to lock the crank and cams off as if it was going to have a belt fitted
    If the pins dont go in something is up.
    If all that is well i know it can take quite a lot of cranking to get a car started that has had the fuel lined opened- air gets in.
    I changed the tandem fuel pump on a 1.9pd - it took 5 long goes on the starter to get it going

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