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Audi A3 2.0 FSI S-Line 2006 - What can I do?

Gra1n Jun 2, 2012

  1. Gra1n

    Gra1n New Member

    Just bought a Audi A3 8P 2.0 FSI S-line, it has:

    - Full Leathers
    - Phantom Black
    - R+L Sensors
    - Bose Speakers
    - Arm Rest
    - Light Smoke Tints

    What else can i do? Power or looks?


    Isit worth even keeping due to it being a 2.0 petrol which is VERY juicy!
  2. TomMycroft

    TomMycroft Member

    first thing, small power mod......REMAPP. best £400 quid you can spend on the power. anyone here can vouch me on that....i have EXACLY the same car but 08 plate. same mods as yours. im wrapping the chrome grill black (and maybe the badge) . getting a new set of wheels (even though i already have the bbs speedlines). iv had it remapped, get around 40-50 more BHP, more tourque and the exceleration is much smoother. im also going to lower it 40mm odd aswell to sit better on 18" wheels.
  3. audicruiser

    audicruiser Audi Heaven

    It's not a Turbo according to his description...
  4. TomMycroft

    TomMycroft Member

    oh yer theres no T infront of the FSI lol, my fault . if your going to sell it, get the new A3 or wait for the brand new TT!!! looks like a small R8 and a maseratti from the back lol
  5. JamesS4cab

    JamesS4cab Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure my Milltek cat back system i have for sale will fit and its a great mod and for £300 you can't go wrong!! Pm if you want more details.
  6. JPK

    JPK Active Member

    Honestly.. sell it and buy the Turbo model or if you're that concerned about fuel consumption get a TDI.
    I personally find my 2.0T quite economical compared to other 2.0 cars ive owned.
    I bought the same car as you have essentially (non s-line), then traded it in on a 2.0T DSG 3 weeks later.

    Multitronic gearbox shat itself as I drove out of the dealership pretty much (not sure if yours is manual or multitronic?).
    Cost around 1500GBP where i live to fix it. Dealership paid for it. Even after I had it fixed, it just wasnt a nice gearbox
    to drive.

    2.0T is just a far better car. DSG gearbox is worth the extra $ alone. Also has sportier seats, nicer steering wheel, better brakes and a slightly different dash display with trip computer etc (the non turbo I had didnt have the trip computer). It also has the obvious advantage of having 37 more KW from factory and the ability to flash it affordably to 188kw or around 200kw with downpipe and filter. This then essentially doubles the kw that the non turbo FSI engine (110kw) has with no real decrease in economy or reliability (dependent on how you drive).

    No brainer.

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