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Audi A3 170 Back....but not completely Fixed

M88UES Mar 13, 2012

  1. M88UES

    M88UES Theres Never Enough Power

    As some of you may have been aware i had my injector recall on my car about a month ago and when i got it back it had a the following issues :
    • Shaky idle
    • White smoke on start up ( Very toxic smell )
    • Some loss in power in first few mins of running
    Well am pleased to say i have got it back after 5days of Audi trying to sort the problem and the shaky idle seems to have gone to a degree. for some reason it creeps in for 10 secs now and then, then its gone again.

    HOWEVER the Toxic smell still remains and when i first got it back i drove down the road to starbucks ( Caffeine lover) and as i reversed it into the car park space the smell was so strong it came into the cabin and me and my GF had to get out a thought a was going to sufficate!!! since then it has not been that strong but that cannot be right, and i have driven about 10miles since then to get home and even when its just idling on my drive the smell is still very potent and is there although no smoke once warm. Any ideas please to what this could be ?

    Yes i am chuffed the shaky idle seems to have stopped, but the fact my car smells so bad all the time and is to me dangerously smelling fumes to be honest still means i am not completely happy and rightly so.

    Could this be Turbo seals on the way out? To be honest it could be the smell of burning rubber such as seals.

    Any Input at all would be really appreciated
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  2. M88UES

    M88UES Theres Never Enough Power

  3. jerseypaul

    jerseypaul Member

    Get this sorted straight away.
    you cannot sit in a sealed box with carbon based fumes in it!
    Did the garage not test drive it and find the same?
    Good luck with the fix.
  4. Sidhu88

    Sidhu88 Active Member

    I've got the same if not similar problems. The overpowering fumes are there, i had a nose around the other day and its coming from the engine somewhere which in turn pulls it through the ventilation system into the cabin, its alot stronger on idle. Best thing i'd say temporarily is to make sure u havent got any of the recirculation settings on, and keep the windows open slightly for fresh air. Mine has calmed down massively since changing the battery however, not sure why.

    Diagnostics brings up a problem with the left bank of the DPF, intermittent MAF fault and Cylinder 3 glow plug short circuit.

    Have you had diagnostics carried out? Find someone on the forum with VCDS and they'll be able to do it for u rather than paying the £60-70 odd Audi will charge you.

    Im gonna deal with mine one at time, MAFs first, then i'll set to work on cylinder 3. DPFs most expensive so last, probably go for removal though.
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  5. M88UES

    M88UES Theres Never Enough Power

    Cheers for replies guys, Audi would of had it longer but as i am travelling back down south to work i needed it. I will be back in oxford after travelling from newcastle tommorow so i will get in touch with Oxford audi and tell them to have a look. I honestly think Audi did not test drive it nor did i ask to be fair. but the fumes and mean something and it needs sorted Asap!

    Just to add its coming from the exhaust. But did come through the cabin that one time when i picked it up thats whats strange!

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