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audi a3 1.8TQS gtx3582r supporting mods required?

Discussion in 'General Technical / How To' started by STEALTHQUATTRO, Mar 16, 2013.


    Sep 1, 2012
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    hi guys av decided am off bigger! hoping for a: lol please do t laugh a relliable 600 hp ish. but I really dont want to cost as much as a morgage!
    am not daft tho I understand the cost **** loads!

    current spec: dyno 362hp
    je 82.5 oversize pistons
    scatt rods
    jabbasport t25 manifold
    gt2871r .86 turbine
    sasha organic kevlar clutch
    pro alloy intercooler
    genasis 550cc injectors
    full pipeworx 3' catback
    pointless 200cell cat
    044 7bar bosch intank pump
    water meth injection. that does jack 4skin

    adr large port head
    adr large port inlet mani
    supertech stainless inlets
    to get
    supertech inconal exhausts.
    ti springs retainers

    what do I need to support t3 gtx3582r as in:
    is the ME7 management ok?
    can I change 4bar fuel regulator insted of injectors?
    is stock cams ok?
    wat clutch do I need?
    external wastegate size?
    oil cooler needed?
    t3 mani thats best?

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