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Audi A3 1.8T Sport (AUM) 2001

Neil-M Apr 22, 2013

  1. Neil-M

    Neil-M remedy

    2001 Audi A3 1.8T Sport in mineral grey.

    Hello, due to me recently moving back from Devon to Crawley and separating from my wife i have to sell my much loved Audi and purchase a more economical diesel car as i have to now make regular long drives(200 Miles) to Devon for my kids.

    Well the A3 has 6 months MOT and the TAX is running out at the end of April.
    The exterior is in great condition for a 51 plate car no dents or dings or nasty scratches. I have always kept the car clean using top products and never put it in a car wash. The color is mineral grey and really pops in the sunlight almost looking blue.
    It has a de-badged sports grill on the front which is manufactured by JOM. All lights wipers washer jets work as they should.

    The car has the sport alloys on which to be fair have bubbling. they have not been curbed and still polish up nicely but thought id mention everything. The spare wheel is also an alloy, not one of them silly space savers. The front tires have plenty of tread the rears are good but may need replacing for the next MOT in 6 months time and the spare has plenty of rubber.

    Interior wise, She is like new!!! When i bought the car the first thing i thought when getting inside was wow... It is in top class condition no rips tears marks scratches it is immaculate. Every switch works as it should with no issues.

    I fitted a boost gauge to the drivers A-pillar, its not the neatest of jobs but doesn't look out of place, it works well and lights up when you put your lights on matching the similar colors to the dash illumination so is easy on the eye at night. The car hold a steady boost of 0.5 bar and doesn't falter from that reading.

    The car starts first time every time no mater what the weather is doing. As it stands the engine management light is on. I have had the codes pulled off and it is due to the MAF sensor which is a common issue on most Audi. This causes the idle to be a bit erratic but has never let me down. Driving wise well she is so tempting and it really is down to how much fuel you want to spend. I have used her as a daily commuter and can average off boost 35 mpg which isn't bad but then if you fancy opening the throttle this figure disappears but that's the cost of fun these days.

    At low speeds there is knocking on the front ARB (Anti Roll Bar) This is due to the D bushes been worn. i know this as i have had the control arm bushes and drop link bushes done and never got round to have the ARB's done due to my marriage breakdown. I would recommend TPS (Trade parts specialists) For parts as they are OEM and cheap.

    Other than that it drives like a dream and pulls nicely.
    i have serviced her regularly and with decent oils/parts.
    The service history is nearly complete and all original Audi manuals etc are present.

    I think that is pretty much it? If you need more information please get in touch and i will happily answer any questions. Viewing is a must with this car and test drives are more than welcome.
    The car is still been used so mileage will increase.
    there is some flexibility in the price, not a lot but im willing to haggle.

    £1600/swap for tdi

  2. Neil-M

    Neil-M remedy


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