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audi a3 1.8t 98 reg cooling problems HELP HELP PLEASE

audi5802 Jun 17, 2010

  1. audi5802

    audi5802 New Member

    hi there right where do i start

    mate crashed his 1.8t slight front ender so i repaired it for him now looking mint. had the front panel and rads changed so as i couldnt find a standard rad and panel i changed to a s3 front end set up without using the secondary water pump.

    all looked good no leaks at all and short runs temp went to 90c and stayed there.

    but as i drove it about 10 miles to drop it off to him the car started over heating and the fans dont kick in. steam and water started coming out the expansion tank and now its cool replaced the water and there is no leaks at all.

    think why the fans arnt working is because i had to change the connectors from the s3 wiring to the normal 1.8t wiring so they would connect into the fans.

    so few questions

    1. would the s3 rads and fans work by changing the wiring connectors has anyone done this???
    2. is there a fuse for the fans in the fuse box so i can check if its out or not there at all. anyone no the number for the fuse if there is one as i dont have a labelled diag of whats what in the fuse box at all

    3. taken expansion bottle lid off and reved it 2500 constant ill it gets to temp and water is pumping around so that seems fine

    so anyone got anymore ideas of what the overheating problems could be ????

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