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Audi a3 1.8t 1996 (AGU) misfire

Matty151 May 1, 2013

  1. Matty151

    Matty151 New Member

    Hey , my a3 has developed a misfire on cylinder 3 . It happened when i turned the engine off then turned it back on it was running on 3 cylinders . Its the 1.8t agu engine made in 1999 . Iv swapped coils around and spark plugs . Also checked for broken wires but it still only runs on 3 cylinders have read and wonder if it could be the ignition amplifier? Plugged it onto diagnostics bought up a knock sensor and oxygen sensor - cleared them took it down the road they haven't reappeared ! Iv got to this box ( will add photo now ) is this the amplifier and is there a way to test it? Any help or advice would be appreciated Cheers!

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  2. basil brush

    basil brush Active Member

    Hi , your ignition amp is situated on your air box lid with a multi pin plug on each end ( 5 wires in and 4 out )
    so to answer your question , no that isn't the ignition amp .
    As for testing , I'm not sure , I know you can get testers but are pretty dear , not sure a multimeter will be of any help !
    Im sure an anorak will be along soon ;)
  3. Matty151

    Matty151 New Member

    Its 1999 sorry not 1996 ! Ah i see ! Thanks for your help

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