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Audi A3 1.6 8L Problems!

Fahim Dec 5, 2009

  1. Fahim

    Fahim Member


    I'm a noobie here so don't shoot me just yet!

    I own a 1.6 Audi A3. Its not sport, neither SE. As I'm only 19, I cant afford lovely EsThree's like you guys and girls can! So my baby will have to do. She isn't the most powerful, neither the sexiest out their but for fun i ride a GSXR 600 (K4) For the rainy days and cold nights, the A3 is my best friend.

    Now, my baby isn't feeling to well. I would like to treat her better, but would like to do this myself and not give her in the hands of a mechanic.

    Firstly, my temp gauge in the dash is constantly at 0/Cold
    Be it a 10 hour drive to the end of england, or a small drive to the shops, the tempreture gauge is constantly at 0. Is this the thermostat or the sender etc?

    Where are they situated on the engine, how easy is it to change and how do i do it? (small step to step?)

    My near side front window has stopped working all of a sudden too. Is it common for the machinery to pack up inside the window or what? How can i sort this out or check the problem?

    Last but not least, for now my lovely new friends,... is I want to change my current casette/radio player in the car because its got the common volume knob problem. Does any radio fit in its place or do i need a face for it because the radio seems elongated and longer than usual radios?

    Any H.Units you recommend with 3.5mm jack to connect to N/95 - Ipod - etc. . . ?

    Thank you in advance! Sorry for the LONG first post!

  2. Zenin

    Zenin Member

    yo nice to see another 1.6 on here i guess. welcome to the site.

    im not sure about the temp thing, mine acts funny at times but usualy its ok. its a normal thing you fin find loads of topics on here about it, just do a search.

    the window however is unusual, probably need a mechanic for that. but im not sure maybe someone else can help

    now the stereo i can help with, i got the standard cassette player swapped out for a pioneer one, all you need is the correct adapter and facia panel. let me know if u want links
  3. Fahim

    Fahim Member

    Zenin, i would be most grateful for links please!

    I had a look at the search before typing this up, but everyone had problems with eratic thermostats, not ones that are entirely dead. Most people had problems with it not sticking at 90 degrees. Mines doesen't move at all. . . .

    I thank you in advance! Fahim.
  4. J3NKO

    J3NKO Member

    Hi, not sure us A3 8L guys get much of a look in compared to 8P but i get the feel from the site they'd rather you search than post and your queries can be answered from searches.

    However, if don't mind replying.

    I can't help with temp gauge but like i say, do a quick search and see what turns up.

    As for your window, i'd guess the wire snapped if it stopped suddenly. You need to get the doorcard off and have a look. If its the wire, you'll have to buy a new regulator.

    There is a facia you can buy which fills the gap for single DIN units. Get onto Ebay and have a look.

    The head unit choice depends on taste and budget but alpine and pioneer headunits are ALWAYS good performers.

  5. Zenin

    Zenin Member

  6. jb0o

    jb0o North East Forum Moderator Site Sponsor Regional Rep VCDS Map User

    Where you located mate? Find someone with VAG-COM, should be able to locate all your problems for you!
  7. lugz

    lugz Member

    I can help with the cd player as i've just done mine:





    ISO LEAD (works with the sony one but you lose your rear sub (in the side pocket of boot) and back speakers which you already have built in)


    its a good little setup and the cd player is still 270 in the sony shop, bluetooth works a treat (Y)
  8. Welly

    Welly VX220 SC Driver :)

  9. kevandalice

    kevandalice Member

    not necessarily, could equally be the thermostat.
    have a feel of the radiator and top hose after a run to see if they're as hot as they should be.

    beware if it is the thermostat that is faulty it costs £55 on the 1.6 engine
  10. Fahim

    Fahim Member

    Hi, thanks for all the replies!

    I have as of yet to fix the tempereture problems however i have sorted out the head unit! Got myself a alpine 9880r for £60.

    Sorted out all the wiring myself, with the help of a friend. However it was a case of the blind leading the blind really. My rear speakers work, but not as loud as the front. No where as loud actually.

    Do i just have to live with that or have i got some shoddy wiring? I bought the wiring kit as http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Audi-A2-A3-A4...Cabling_ET?hash=item3a5395d3ff#ht_2359wt_1165

    I'll take some photos of my wiring and see if you guys can help.

    I'll try and sort out the sender soon, any idea where abouts on the engine it is? and how do i go about finding out my engine code? Its a Audi A3, 8L 2000 X reg.

  11. pauldazzle

    pauldazzle Well-Known Member

    Coolant temp sensor. You probably have the old black sensor which is notorious for failing. The later green sensor rarely fails if it's a genuine VAG part. Just do a search for coolant temperature sensor on here & there's bound to be a pic of it. On the 1.8 engine it's located on the end of the top radiator hose. 5 minute job to replace.
    Definitely not the thermostat, even if it was stuck fully open you would still have some temp showing on the guage after a bit of a drive.

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