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Audi a3 1.6 52' oil problem

ticketyboo90 Nov 4, 2013

  1. ticketyboo90

    ticketyboo90 Member

    Hi all, wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to why my car keeps flashing up the green "oil min" sign comes up but yet when I let it sit and check the dipstick 15minutes later it's perfectly fine! Sometimes it flashes up before the cars even started and soon as the keys put in the ignition. Over times it could be an hour before it flashes up again. Every time I check it though it's fine!!! I am taking the sump off next week to clear the **** out for hours. I have the vw audi sealent to put it back on. I have a new sensor for it hopefully that cures it and new oil filter. It's running on semi synthetic now but replacing with castrol edge fully synthetic 5w30. Anyway does it sound like it's just the sensor? Is it worth changing the oil pump while the sump is off (just for peace of mind) could the light be flashing because the oil pump isn't working propley. No pressure lights is on just oil minimum. I'm just starting to think I should get the pump done while the whole sump is off. Car has done 76k and is a 52 plate petrol 1.6 8v (tortoise) as slow as it is it's still a pretty good car as it's been through thick and thin! My cars always succeeded where all my ****ty friends have failed! It's pretty solid and build well. Just wish it had a 1.8t in it! many thanks, Daniel.

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