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Audi A3 1.6 3dr TDI VS 1.2 TFSI 5dr THINKING OF CHANGING!!

KhalifaA3 Jul 3, 2012

  1. KhalifaA3

    KhalifaA3 Member

    Right... Let me explain.

    I currently own a:
    • Audi A3 3dr
    • 1.6TDI(sport)
    • 105ps
    • Ibis White 61 Plate...
    Unfortunately been having sooooo many problems with it since the word go! and been back to the dealers more times than I have sat in the vehicle! When I purchased the vehicle like a idiot I rushed it too. So did not end up getting much mods done to it, only privacy glass!

    So.... I was thinking of getting rid of her :( but replacing her for a:
    • 1.2 TFSI
    • S LINE!
    • Brilliant black
    • 5dr
    • 105ps...(12 plate)
    Before I do this I just want your lots opinions... Should I or should I not? the last thing I want, is to sit in this new vehicle and regret it. Main pointers I would like to know is that yes they are both 105ps but which out of the two is better fuel wise, driving wise, torque/power?.
    Oh, shall I also get it with roof rails? because they look seriously amazing :wub:
    I've asked a few friends as well... They tell me that i'm nuts and should keep the 3door. However, the 5door is more practical... and thats one reason why I also want to change!

    And any other additional comments, if you wish to recommend any extras/mods or a nice colour please do!

    P.S. Is a sportback and a 5 door the same thing?:tocktock:

  2. H88

    H88 Member

    If I was you I would go for 1.4T or 1.9TDI if you prefer to buy a car that is economical. 1.2T seems to be lack of power expecially when you have 5 doors. In the end that is just my opinion :))
  3. Ben H

    Ben H On a journey...

    See below what I wrote about my experience of a 1.2 TSI as a courtesy car earlier this year. I would recommend the engine and car you're thinking of (including roof bars), but suspect that you will crystalise a really big loss if you go from a sub-1-year-old car to a new one.


    A3 1.2 TSI -v- S3: comparing the bottom and top of the range!

    I had been hoping for at least an R8 as a courtesy car when dropping my S3 S-Tronic off for one of its two "free" services at Bristol Audi this morning. So my heart sank a little as I was handed the handed the keys to a 1.2 SE S-Tronic. Boasting 104bhp / 129 lb.ft to my S3's 300+ of each, the A3 was going to be an "interesting" way to spend the 85-mile round trip I had in mind to a nice town for lunch with the wife.

    The day's exam question was therefore to be: how does the almost bottom-of-the-range A3 (£19k) compare to the almost top-of-the-range S3 (£34k)? Does a third of the power and a lot less cash dilute the experience?

    A3 Sportback 1.2 TSI SE S-Tronic

    S3 Sportback S-Tronic

    Things got off to a good start once the service lady gave my 2 year old daughter a choc chip biscuit - can't beat Audi service.
    Opening the door to the Scuba Blue A3, I noticed a nice coffee stain to the cat-sick colour interior... don't even think of this interior colour option if you have a family. SE spec and the Comfort Pack meant at least an armrest and a few bits of kit (like rain and parking sensors) that my S3 doesn't have. The cloth interior, stereo and door inlays were obvious downgrades to the interior - but the overall effect wasn't too bad.

    Starting up the engine and selecting gear through the familiar S-Tronic lever, things started feeling good. The 1.2 may only have 104bhp, but with 7 gears to choose from it is always in a smooth and reasonably torquey spot - it's so good that I had to check that I didn't have the 125bhp 1.4 in the paperwork! It's clearly no ball of fire, but I'd say that this is possibly one of the best matched engine and drivetrain combination that I have driven (feels made for S-Tronic more than my S3's engine).

    Part of this was because I was driving smoothly for the day, but it really excelled in the zone of 20% effort for everyday driving. The ride quality on SE suspension was quite nice after owning an S-Line and S3, although it clearly lacked grip and poise compared to my quattro cars. It was also a bit of a surprise to experience wheelspin a few times - quattro makes a real difference even in the dry!

    Overall average fuel consumption for the day was 43.2mpg, compared to about 32mpg that I would have got from the S3 driving in a similar style. This isn't amazingly better than the S3 (which is running AWD too), but I think you'd need to be averaging 47mpg in a TDI to gain any cost advantage over the 1.2. This is something to really think about if you are looking at TDI's, as the 1.2 TSI felt a lot smoother than my own experience of VAG diesels. However, the DIS long-term average was closer to 35mpg - a lot, lot lower than the EU cycle 53mpg (official).

    Getting back into my shiny and freshly serviced S3 at the end of the day, it was nice to be welcomed back to the comforts of leather, Bose sound, RNSE and back-lit display - but I'd certainly consider the 1.2 TSI as an alternative to a TDI or as a car for essential family needs.

    Overall, the 1.2 TSI is a real peach of an engine and very well-matched to 7-speed S-Tronic transmission. SE spec is comfortable and good value at the price, meaning that you get a good-looking and reasonably equipped car. Is it as good as an S3? Obviously not, but it's surprising how three times the power doesn't feel like three times the power...but also that you don't get three times the fuel economy in a 1.2!
  4. KhalifaA3

    KhalifaA3 Member

    Wow, nice write up. I really want to go for the 1.2 as insurance etc will all be the same.... However, wanted to go for the manual(6speed) rather than the S-tronic.
    i had a 1.2tfsi s- tronic but 3dr as a courtesy not long ago! Amazinggggg but VERY juicy! I'm a student not bob diamond unfortunately :(
  5. moag

    moag she's no d-turbo

    What sort of issues have you had with the 1.6TDI out of interest? Have they all been engine related?

    If you want good fuel economy and low insurance then diesel is the only option really. I personally don't see the attraction to the 1.2 TFSI - little power, relatively poor fuel economy, the possibility of turbo issues :tocktock:
  6. Sheikh

    Sheikh Member

    You'll also notice the serious lack in torque coming from a diesel, as above go for a 1.4T minimum or look for a 1.9 TDi.

    You'd be surprised at the negligible insurance differences if you shop around, I'm 19 and a Student, got insured on my 330Cd for the same price as the A3. :happy:
  7. jimpa10

    jimpa10 Member

    In my opinion get away from the 1.2 tsi.here in Greece all these motors had turbo recall and problems with the dsg7 they have,i dont know if yours is dsg.
  8. KhalifaA3

    KhalifaA3 Member

    All sorts! Windows not winding down, door creaking realllly bad, engine issues such as whining noises, grunting lack of power, rattles from all over the car (Audi have sorted that) just fed up! And want to change now!
  9. RickT

    RickT Member

    Good little review that... enjoyed.

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