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Audi 90 coupe quattro quattro 20v parts

rallye Oct 19, 2008

  1. rallye

    rallye New Member

    I'm having a garage clear out and have found the following parts I was going to put them on ebay but tought I'd see if anybody here wants any bits first.

    2 front hubs
    2 rear hubs with ball joints
    2 front strut casings
    2 rear strut casings
    2 front drive shafts
    1 rear drive shafts
    2 handbrake cables
    1 front abs sensor
    1 rear abs sensor
    1 bottom radiator hose
    1 air flow meter on airbox with idle valve

    All parts from a about 1989/90 model coupe quattro 20v, parts were removed in 1994 and dry stored since. The hubs and strut casings still have the original paint.

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