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Audi 8P TDI Sport 140

Lund Oct 20, 2011

  1. Lund

    Lund Member

    Hi A-S,

    I have been lurking the forums and have recently started posting more often. I own an Audi A3 8P1, 2003. Its a TDI Sport 140 in Ebony black and I have been enjoying the comfort, power and reliability!

    The condition of the engine and bodywork is a real credit to the age of the vehicle, it has been really well looked after. I am currently in the process of an agreed valuation with my insurers and have had it valued at £6000-6250 which I am more than pleased about.

    I haven't thought of much in the way of modifications just yet as I have been spending most of my time driving it! Although, in the back of my mind I am swaying towards a DTUK box for the extra torque & mpg and an S-Line spoiler. Other than that its going to remain largely 'factory' spec.

    A few images:





  2. AudiAndy21

    AudiAndy21 Member

    looks clean :)

    have you done anything to her yet?

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