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Audi 8P S3 Sportback rear diffuser - GLOSS BLACK

Virdee Jun 2, 2012

  1. Virdee

    Virdee Active Member

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    I've got a MY10 S3 SB rear diffuser

    Part number 8P0 807 434F 1RR

    This should fit all models from MY10 onwards.

    Currently sprayed in gloss black. Ideally if you want it to be mint, will need a respray. No tow eye cover.

    Ideal so you can spray this one and swap or keep yours in original condition

    I bought this for my MY12 model, but bought a RS3 item instead.

    Please note the marks near the tow hook cover are packing tape residue. ​
  2. Virdee

    Virdee Active Member


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