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  1. jasontmc

    jasontmc New Member

    i have a audi 80 2.0e 1992 manual gearbox b4 style.
    it hasnt had much use the past year about 600 miles and it has started to develop some problems.

    warning buzzer when door is opened,

    oil light comes on and stays on when started and sometimes comes on as normal when started and goes out straight away or all can be ok and it comes on .
    the car runs on synthetic oil for the past 7 years i have owned the car and the oil is clean having only done 700 miles and is at the correct level.

    rev counter sometime s is not working when car is started most of the time it works.

    any help ideas would be gratefully apreciated.
  2. ZAF

    ZAF Member

    Does your ignition lock stick.
    If so lubricate with plenty of WD40.
    Sounds like you may have a faulty ignition switch.

  3. chr15j

    chr15j New Member

    Sorry to be inane but there is prob meant to be a warning buzzer when you open the door... Like you taken the keys out but left your stereo or lights on /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif)

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